A Family Member With Alzheimer’s

How To Help Them Cope

Alzheimer’s is a type of dementia that affects memory, behavior, and thinking. It’s an irreversible brain disorder that affects the ability to carry out the simplest tasks, especially over time. Having said this, it is important to know the basics of home care if you have someone in your family who suffers from Alzheimer’s.

If you don’t feel comfortable doing it alone, Home Care Dulwich can help both your family member and you. What you can do to help them daily is create a routine. Keep an eye on their behavior, and recognize some patterns and times of day when they feel most comfortable. Use those times to do as much as you can when it comes to memory games, or finishing any of their daily tasks. While communicating with them, use simple words they can understand, minimize any background noise, or distractions they may feel agitated by, and be patient and allow them enough time to respond.

Home Care Dulwich

They may have trouble doing the basic tasks during the day including bathing, dressing, or eating. These can all be triggers depending on how you handle the situation. Try to plan their baths for when they feel calm, and make sure you have all the necessities at your hand, so you don’t have to leave them alone to go get those. When it comes to dressing, you can let them pick their outfits, and do the dressing themselves, because it will be useful as therapy. For any additional help, advice or, medical assistance, you should call Home Care Dulwich and, you should communicate with them often.

Creating a daily routine and sticking to it as well as making a calm and positive atmosphere in your home is crucial in helping your loved one deal with Alzheimer’s.