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Reconnecting With Old Friends Online Can Be Stressful

Reconnecting with old friends online can be stressful, believe it or not. The anxiety that comes with it might seem silly, but it’s very real. Charlie Eissa will help you during this process.

You probably have old friends that you have very fond memories of, and this is natural. As people get older, they might naturally long for yesteryear, when things seemed simpler and happier. It’s not always the case, but it’s how it feels.

Charlie Eissa

Social media has made it possible to reconnect with old friends online, because you might see them pop up as suggestions in your possible friends connections on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms. The question then becomes, what do you do?

It’s possible to feel anxiety because of the many different possibilities. Should you reach out to them? Or should you just recognize that the friendship is no longer there?

You might even feel miffed that they haven’t reached out to you. Surely you’re showing up in their suggested friends list, too. Who makes the first move?

Even if you do make the first move? Do you set any expectations? Is it possible that you’ll just have a quick chat remembering your glory days and then stop communicating again? Sure, they might be on your friend list, but do you really care about their kids’ birthdays and their cat pictures?

Sometimes, reconnecting with old friends can be kind of dangerous. You might remember how they used to fulfill emotional needs in you at the time, but now they won’t, because they’re just an online acquaintance. Expectations based on the past actual relationship can lead to disappointment.

Also, if you stopped being friends because they were running with a different crowd, especially one you disapproved of, then you might not be too keen to establish contact. This is even more true if they might reconnect you with an old flame or ex that causes you trouble.